My musical life began when I was 5 years old. My mother gave singing lessons and I always wanted to sing with her when she was rehearsing for her lessons at home. Even as a little boy I was more interested in music stores than toy stores. When I was 6 years old I began to study violin and piano at the Primary School of Music. My musical career developed further and I graduated from the High School for Music in Burgas. Since I was 16 I started to perform with various pop bands and musicians from my hometown.
On my 21th I traded my home for Scandinavia and the Alps, where I went on tour with my band. After several years I decided to leave the band and continue my career as a piano entertainer. I performed mainly in Scandinavia, but I also went to the Netherlands, the Antilles, Spain, Austria, Germany and Switzerland. I have also performed at several cruise ships on board of "Color Line" and "Stena Line".
In 2009, I have settled in Amsterdam and began to work as self-employed piano entertainer at many locations.

Singing and playing piano makes me feel intensely happy and gives me absolutely satisfaction. My motto is: "Do everything you can to please maximum the audience - everywhere and always!" My musical inspiration comes from R & B, soul, funk and jazz, but also good old Rock 'n Roll and classic pop songs makes my heart beet faster.